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Fitness & Gymnasium

supporting agile working
pound saving a year, per locker, on admin

Our obsession with health fitness and wellbeing is not likely to stop. With increased burden on our health services many organisations provide gym facilities or subsidised gym access for staff. Gyms are under increasing pressure to provide as much space as possible for members to keep fit.

Gym lockers are an essential place for us to store our bag, phone, tablet, keys, wallet and valuables. We want to exercise safe in the knowledge that our personal effects are safe.

With enhanced locker level security, a USB port for charging smart devices, integrated lighting to see your personal effects and the ability to use your gym access pass to open and lock your locker ‘Simplicity’ has the answer. The visual traffic light system shows at a glance available lockers, green for available and red for occupied.

Managers can generate locker utilisation reports from the software to show peaks in activity. They can also see which lockers remain occupied for long periods and easily “free up” such lockers; along with setting timers for locker use thus optimising the use of space needed to provide secure personal storage. Being able to report on occupancy, dates and times becomes invaluable when it comes to future space planning and utilisation.