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Gym lockers

Keyless storage for your gym, spa, leisure centre or swimming pool
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Gym lockers

Whether attending a gym, spa, leisure centre or swimming pool, people want to exercise safe in the knowledge that their personal effects are stored securely. Simplicity gym lockers offer enhanced security features including integral hinges, push-to-open doors, and the option of an integrated intruder alarm, giving your customers peace of mind and leaving them free to concentrate all their energies on their workout.

And Simplicity gym lockers offer so much more than just secure storage. With convenient access, an in-locker USB port for charging devices, and integrated lighting to help users easily sort their kit, our lockers provide a great user experience, helping your leisure facility to stand out from the competition.

Flexible gyms need flexible lockers

The way in which we exercise is changing. From flexible membership options to 24-hour access, gym-goers increasingly demand sport and exercise facilities that fit around their lifestyles. In order to survive in a competitive market place, today’s gyms need to be both flexible and innovative; and flexible gyms require flexible lockers. Combining bespoke finishes, smart functionality, flexible access rights, and enhanced security features, the solution is Simplicity.

Buy bespoke gym lockers with card access

With traffic light availability and electronic card access, using our smart gym lockers couldn’t be simpler. For added convenience, gym or building passes can also be set up to provide access to lockers – ideal for gyms that open 24 hours a day. With the Releezme mobile app offering access to changing room lockers via a mobile phone, members can even choose to leave their access card at home, giving them one less thing to carry around the gym.

We build to your specifications with bespoke lockers that come in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, and offer a choice of additional features such as hanging rails and ventilation holes. Whatever your storage requirements, we can provide a locker that meets the needs of your business and your members.

Gym lockers that work with business rules

We know, that for many sports facilities, space is at a premium.  Our gym lockers in the UK work with business rules, enabling you to restrict access according to membership level and usage. This, combined with real-time tracking, helps you to understand customer behaviour, enabling you to make the most effective use of available space. Our business rules functionality also allows timed access for guests with day passes, and even allows the creation of access rights across multiple locations – perfect if your business is part of a chain of sports clubs.


If you’re interested in smart lockers for your gym, get in touch for a quote.