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In a working environment where there is an increasing need for the employer to provide secure personal storage for its employees, along with a balance on taking up much needed valuable space in doing so, the role of the FM manager to meet this need can become even more challenging.

Real estate costs are ever increasing and its vital that space is maximised wherever possible. So, if you’re a retail company, where space needs to be maximised for selling products and the warehouse to support this, or you are a hospital, where every room available is better used to provide medical revenue, then think of Simplicity!

With the Simplicity storage solution, we can assist companies in maximising the space available, to provide an effective and secure locker solution. Our approach it to work with our clients to fully understand both the employer and employee needs and provide the best solution available. This results in example of retail clients with 4000 lockers and 6500 employees or a hospital with 1250 staff and 750 lockers – all set to work with the differing working arrangements necessary.

We welcome any initial enquiry to see how we can help you achieve the same goals.