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Global impact on workplaces post COVID19


While the world is in unprecedented times, at some point ‘normality’ will have to return.  What the new ‘normal’ will be is hard to know but it will not be the same.  How we work has been impacted greatly by the current situation and will have an influence on the workplace post COVID19.  Offices will change with short-term fixes, new working patterns and long-term design upgrades that put hygiene at the heart of the workplace.

The workplace and how we work could be changed in the sense that working from home plays a greater role in employee life.  Or this could involve having a more regimented and segregated office space, on the other hand it could involve an increase in various spaces allowing employees to spread out and have greater separation.  We are now faced with the challenge of what needs changing and improving in our work environment.  A review of workplace environment can lead to a review on effectiveness and explore new possibilities that have opened within the infrastructure of companies.

There have been both positive and negative experiences from the forced work from home initiative.  Many employees are starting to envision being able to stop working from the kitchen table or trying to balance a laptop on their knees while sitting of the sofa and return to the office.  For Facebook, while a fifth of employees are extremely interested in full-time remote work, most employees wish to return to the office.  It is important to consider from a management point of view the new challenge that working from home introduces.  Team morale becomes harder to gauge, manage and promote, employees lose role models within the office environment with lack of face to face interaction.

Prof André Spicer, from City University’s Cass Business School predicts a “radical decrease” in the amount of time people spend in the office – but says office working will not be over for good.  One reason, he suggests, is that home-workers tend not to get promoted as quickly – “They tend to get overlooked”.  Prof Spicer also suggests offices will remain as hubs where senior managers are based, with employees travelling in once or twice a week to meet with their bosses.  This is similar to Twitter’s plan, allowing staff to work from home indefinitely, although keeping offices open if people want to come in.

It is important to acknowledge and understand that working from home will be part of the working environment following this pandemic.  However, adjustments will also need to be made to the current office environment to support the needs and safety of employees.  A big question for companies is, how do we adapt and facilitate the new environments?

Here at Your Workspace, we specialise in smart storage solutions.  Our Simplicity locker range offers a touch free locker opening solution and remote management.  Our smart storage allows companies to embrace the agile working environment with ease whilst reducing space in the current office plan.

The required change to the working environment is not a ‘trend’, it is the sensible response to a global pandemic.  Our Simplicity range has been in offices around the globe  for many years now, and is perfect to facilitate a new office environment or be incorporated into plans to develop and adapt current working environments.

If you’d like to discuss your post-Covid return to work plans, please get in touch and we will put you in contact with our workplace experts.




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