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If you run a business where some or all staff work on a shift system, mechanical, padlock or key storage lockers can be a burden. A traditional storage system takes up a huge amount of space on your floor plan, reducing the space that’s available to meet your other needs. Using smart lockers for shift workers means significantly less space is needed, and far less administration, offering a better long-term solution.

The team’s recent visit to an Oxford Street retailer, illustrates the issues many large retail brands face.

Traditional locker ratios and maintenance

With an extensive shift system, a large percentage of the back end of the shop was dedicated to personal storage. Tight rows of small padlock lockers were available for staff to store their bags and personal items in, while coats and jackets were left in disarray on the floor.

With a mechanical locking system, a ratio of almost one or more lockers per staff member is usually required – as shared usage isn’t possible, and often lockers aren’t vacated after shifts. There’s also significant manual intervention required if keys or codes are forgotten, as facilities staff must provide a new means of entry.

Traditional locker security

At our Oxford Street retailer, security was also an issue. Some lockers were in use but unlocked – where padlocks had been forgotten. Many had been damaged by over-use and were rendered useless. Both the usefulness and the appearance of the lockers had been compromised, by misuse and because an unsuitable solution was adopted in the first place.

While their existing lockers couldn’t be considered secure, elsewhere staff could only enter the building by means of an electronic access control system. Many large businesses use similar systems – those entering the building tap their smart card against a reader and are either authorised – granting them access – or denied entry, for example if the card has expired.

As well as granting access, such systems help monitor employee attendance, and aid in loss prevention, replacing a significant amount of manual work. In many circumstances, the same control system can be used to access lockers and other types of smart storage.

Smart lockers for shift workers

The ideal storage solution for shift workers is a smart system like our Simplicity lockers. Simplicity is more efficient, space-saving and cost-effective than mechanical locking alternatives:

  • Staff are more productive as they’re confident their personal items are stored safely and securely.
  • The Simplicity locker system is self-service.
  • Lockers work with existing building access cards.
  • Software reduces the amount of time needed for locker management:
    • Lockers can be opened/checked remotely;
    • An audit trail and usage reports are available;
    • Access can be granted remotely;
    • One system can be used across multiple buildings/sites.
  • Fewer lockers are required, so space is saved for more valuable uses.
  • Lockers can also be incorporated into other furniture items.
  • Multiple settings, and assignment options can be set within a single bank:
    • Lockers can open at a specific time for the next shift’s use;
    • Lockers can be set for shared use for team-working;
    • Assign lockers for staff who have specific needs;
    • Ensure the best flow of people.
  • Lockers can be branded or vinyls added to make them useful for way-finding.
  • Smart storage or smart lockers can be added to the system in the future or we can reconfigure it for you.

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