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MYPUP Lockers – A ‘Green’ Alternative to Traditional Parcel Management


Parcel lockers, or MYPUP (My Pick-Up-Point) lockers as we like to refer to them, are becoming the latest trend in the logistics industry.  Not only are they practical and cost effective, they are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional parcel distribution.

Parcels delivered by a driver is still the preferred method for many consumers and businesses. However, due to the costly (time and money) and non-eco-friendly nature of traditional delivery services, together with the changes in our daily lives and society, more sustainable methods have been developed.

MYPUP Lockers minimise the logistics industry’s carbon footprint by reducing the number of delivery vehicles on the roads. MYPUP Lockers also allow consumers and employees to collect their parcels at a time and location that is suitable for them with the knowledge their items are safe and secure. The quick, efficient and reliable service also allows us to play our part in helping to save the planet, which, can’t be a bad thing.

How do MYPUP Lockers work?

  1. MYPUP Lockers are installed with our simplicity technology that is connected to new or existing company software
  2. When a parcel is received at the designated pick-up-point, it will be placed in an automated MYPUP locker
  3. Once the item/s are securely inside, the recipient of the delivery will then receive a message either by SMS or email to say their parcel is ready to be collected, along with a unique code to provide access

The software can also send reminders, to make sure the parcel is collected.



If you are ready to upgrade your existing parcel management system to a greener alternative; contact us and we can help!

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