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Parcel lockers for apartments


Offering speed, convenience and the ability to buy what you want with just a few clicks, the internet is fast becoming the destination of choice for shoppers, with an increasing number of us choosing to shop online rather than visiting the high street. However, if you live or work in an apartment building, parcel deliveries can be anything but convenient.

Couriers are forced to wander around the building – a security-risk and inconvenience that means residents can suffer. Alternatively, the concierge must receive and be responsible for resident’s deliveries. This can take up valuable time they could spend on other tasks, such as building maintenance and cleaning. This is particularly frustrating in sales season and just before Christmas, when receptions can be inundated with large numbers of parcels for each tenant.

But parcel lockers offer a simple, long-term solution.

How to declutter your reception

My Pick-up Point (MYPUP) lockers will put an end to couriers knocking on apartment doors, overflowing reception desks and missed deliveries if no one is available to receive the parcel.  These automated lockers help to stop deliveries being stolen or misplaced from reception, by offering a secure storage system for residents’ parcels.

When a resident has a delivery, a courier will place their parcel in a locker at the apartment building’s pick-up point.  Once the locker has been closed, the resident will then receive a message either by SMS or email to say the parcel is ready to be collected, along with a unique code they type in to gain access.  Picking-up their deliveries will also be made easier as residents can access the locker point 24/7 and not have to worry about collecting them when the reception is open.

MYPUP users order their goods to be delivered directly to the pick-up point and are issued with a unique code which they can use to open the locker and access their goods. Almost exactly like the click-and-collect services used by retailers.

The use of MYPUP lockers will not only make keeping resident deliveries more convenient and secure, but staff productivity will also increase. There will be fewer interruptions and they will not have the burden of being responsible for all deliveries.  Manager’s can also use the software to send notification to tenants, reminding them that they have a parcel to collect. So packages are collected quicker, and there’s no clutter.


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