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How could smart lockers benefit me?


Our smart locking system has been installed in over 500,000 lockers worldwide, and is used by more than a million people (Vecos, 2019). There are plenty of benefits for adopting a smart locker solution, below are just a few that our clients have experienced.

Smart locker benefits for business owners/managers

  • Save management time.
  • Improve staff productivity and potentially well-being.
  • Reduce the amount of floor space dedicated to storage.
  • Benefit from long-term cost savings.
  • Support hot-desking, flexible and agile working practices.
  • Our knowledge to support your business case.
  • Optional service level agreements.

Smart locker benefits for architects and designers

  • A single point of contact for your project.
  • Bespoke locker design options.
  • Choice of colour, wood and fantasy finishes, or Zones laminates.
  • An in-house experienced design team to realise your vision.
  • Locks can be used on a variety of storage products.
  • Opportunity to re-configure or add new banks of storage in the future.

Smart locker benefits for facilities managers

  • No more hassle with keys, batteries or PINs – saving management time.
  • User-friendly software – the manager can control lockers remotely.
  • Real-time view of locker usage with available reports and log files.
  • Personal lockers, team lockers, visitor lockers, everything is configurable.
  • The system can be integrated into a (future) application or dashboard.
  • Safe and secure, fully compliant with GDPR standards.

Smart locker benefits for employees

  • Self-service storage system: Use the company access card or smartphone to control the lockers.
  • Charge a smartphone or tablet with the integrated USB port in the Simplicity smart lock.
  • Easy and safe storage wherever they are and whenever they want.
  • Effective remote support when the badge is lost or forgotten.

Connected lockers are a relatively new technology, so you need to work with a supplier who understands your company’s needs and can provide the right solution. At Your Workspace our skilled team manage your locker project from initial idea to installation and beyond. If you want a complete smart storage solution get in touch we’ll be happy to talk you through our process, and give you a quotation for your specific project.

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