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Your guide to smart parcel lockers


Smart, electronic parcel pick-up lockers can be valuable staff perk, enabling employees to receive deliveries without taking time off work.

The job market has changed significantly in the last couple of decades and these days companies are increasingly offering staff perks and benefits in a bid to recruit and retain the best employees. Firms such as Google are leading the way with a range of cool perks such as free meals, on-site gyms, access to trained massage therapists, and of course its famously unique office environments, but many other companies are starting to follow their lead and introducing their own programme of staff benefits. And with over a third of employees admitting that perks and benefits are a key factor when considering a job offer, those companies who don’t offer their staff something extra risk getting left behind.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget on fancy gimmicks or installing a slide in your office. Employees value convenience, and simply offering something that makes their lives easier, such as access to onsite electronic collection lockers, can help to make your company more attractive to current and prospective staff members.

My Pick-up Point (MYPUP)

Offering quickness, convenience and the ability to buy what you want with just a few clicks, the internet is fast becoming the destination of choice for shoppers, with an increasing number of us choosing to shop online rather than visiting the high street.

However, while ‘convenience’ may be the buzzword of internet shopping, the process of receiving the goods you’ve ordered can be anything but, particularly if you work full time and are generally not at home during standard delivery hours. Many retailers have sought to address this issue by offering click and collect services, whereby customers can collect their order from the store rather than waiting in for a delivery.

My Pick-up Point (MYPUP) lockers take this a step further, helping to solve this common delivery conundrum for both consumers and businesses. In a nutshell, MYPUP lockers are smart electronic lockers that can be installed in the workplace, university, hospital or even the reception of an apartment block. Users of the system order their goods to be delivered directly to the pick-up point and are issued with a unique code with which they can open the locker and access their goods.

The MYPUP smart locker solution has already been installed by some well-known companies including Deloitte, PwC, TomTom and IBM.

Why your office needs MYPUP


Work-life balance

Access to this kind of service is usually much-appreciated by workers. All too often, employees find themselves having to work from home or leave work early in order to receive a parcel – and if this is not possible they then have to spend their precious time off visiting post office depots or rearranging deliveries. The MYPUP system makes it much easier for employees to receive parcels without it impacting on their work or leisure time, helping to achieve that all-important work-life balance. Firms who have installed the smart lockers have reported a swift and significant user uptake, suggesting that this is something that employees are crying out for.

Business Benefits

As well as helping with staff acquisition and retention, installing smart pick-up lockers can also offer additional benefits to your business. When working hours make it impossible to receive deliveries at home, many employees instead have their orders delivered to their workplace. This has cost implications for the business, with postal room or reception staff having to spend time handling and distributing these parcels. By installing MYPUP lockers you can cut out the middle man, freeing up staff to do the work you’re paying them to do. Equally, by eliminating the need for staff to take time off or leave early to receive parcels, your business could benefit from an increase in attendee levels and productivity.

With so much to offer employees and employers alike, providing your staff with access to MYPUP lockers can be an easy win for your company.  Talk to us today to learn more about how installing smart electronic lockers in your workplace could benefit your business.

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