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When working in an agile environment the challenge is how to deal with the items that can’t exist in cyberspace. Things like folders, desktop items, letters and correspondence. How can you keep those items mobile and organised? Enter Hot Box.

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The HB1 is the original - you might say. The clever, robust, lockable and portable filing system. It can be slung over your back or placed onto a wheeled caddy or suspended using a toolbar or desk clamp.

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Hot Box Created By Simplicity Lockers
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It’s a lightweight storage solution that has portability in mind. Available in multiple colours and fabrics, the HB2 is a great way to store everything from files, to a laptop and pens. A truly agile storage accessory that you can truly make yours.

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Hot Box 3 - Black and Purple Office Bag
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Ideal for the agile workforce, the HB-2 has been designed from the ground up to be an essential addition to those who don’t stay in the same place for long. Available in different fabrics and colours, the HB-3 can be tailored to suit your style and accompanies an HB-Go perfectly.

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Hot Box - Office Essential Carrier
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An ideal companion to the HB-1, 2 or 3. The HB go allows for more storage space, especially for things like a mouse, cables and those things you may need with you should you leave the confines of the office for a while.

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