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Simplicity+ smart lockers

lock access
Smart storage with smart insights

Lockers can be controlled remotely with the user-friendly software with reports and log files available to view real-time locker usage.   This solution requires less floor space and fewer lockers, with the possibility of tracking usage with the audit trail.

Multiple access options

This self-service storage system allows employees to select a locker and use their company access cards or a smartphone to operate it.  If a badge is forgotten or lost, remote support can open a locker saving time.

Innovative and flexible storage

The system can be configured however it is required such as set personal, team or visitor lockers.  It is also possible to integrate Simplicity software with existing systems.

Simplicity Lockers Access
easily accessible
Simplicity Lockers Business
ideal for busy environments
Simplicity Lockers Card Reader
card access

Simplicity+ allows users to access the lockers via the lock rather than the control panel. The user taps their access card on the front of the locker (near to the internal lock, marked by an LED light). The LED light on the front works on a traffic light system showing green for free and red for occupied.


Simplicity+ lets the user to choose a locker from the array of available storage. A simple swipe and the locker pops open. As soon as the locker closes the locker is sealed until the owner returns with their card again. For fast turnaround places – Simplicity excels at providing quickly accessible agile storage in a busy environment.


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Technical Information

All major RF standards

Including ISO 144443 A+B (Mifare, Mifare+, Desfire, SmartMX etc), ISO 15693, SONY FeliCa, HID iclass and all LEGIC advant and LEGIC prime transponders.


125Khz or 13.56 Mhz


AES 128/256, 3DES, DES, LEGIC encryption


Mains powered (no batteries required). Data (TCP/IP) via controller

USB Output

5V 600mA max

Certification CE

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