55967 Simplicity Lockers


supporting agile working
Simplicity gave the university safer laboratory organisation
University of

Simplicity lockers helped the University of Southampton
create a safer laboratory environment for students and staff.

They wanted the space to be as futuristic as possible, like something out of the TV series 'Black Mirror'.
Great Ormond Street
Hospital DRIVE

Simplicity smart storage
chosen for new digital research unit.

“we’d been spending 12 grand a year on lost keys…that’s too much money”

Project manager Dave Garey explains
why he chose Simplicity smart lockers for Xerox.

"We offer architects the flexibility to pick and choose what they want in terms of finishes and sizes, with the added benefit of the solution actually working."
Top Clothing Retailer

Tom Woodley reveals how Simplicity+ smart lockers are
helping an Oxford Street retailer implement agile working practices.

reduction in floor space for storage

UBM make the switch to the agile working concept:
& project 240 was born

team member capacity increase

Behind the scenes as Essensys transform their head office to an Agile Workspace

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