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Behind the scenes as Essensys transform their head office to an Agile Workspace

Essensys is the award winning global leader in delivering software and services to the exible workspace industry. Essensys’ platform, Occupie, powers over 1,000 workspace businesses around the world – supporting the day to day needs of over quarter of a million individuals every day.



As a business, Essensys elected to change their headquarters office space from what would be viewed as the prescribed office workers space, a 1600mm desk with pedestal, to a dynamic, agile environment that was more space effcient and would allow them to utilise their own software solution for workspace and storage allocation.

They embarked on a research project to locate a storage solution that would address the perceived personal storage space reduction, but also that could house the workforce’s personal effects.



Following a recommendation from an existing partner who had successfully delivered a project using our technology – Your Workspace were selected. Meeting with us and discovering our passion for smart storage and agile working helped Essensys to specify Simplicity Lockers.

The locker integration was delivered in a six-high locker configuration, styled and colour matched to suit the new office surroundings. Using the Releezeme mobile framework which powers the locking system, Essensys then interfaced their Occupie software solution for seamless integration into their business.



The installation of Simplicity Lockers was an exercise in futureproofing the business and showcasing our capabilities. Shenel Unal – Global Programme Manager said:



on the first hand it helps freeing up time and making it highly convenient for someone to come into the offices with their phone selecting storage space through the interface without any administration requirements.


Because of the removal of pedestals, reduction in desk length and introduction of smart lockers, our physical office space increased by only 15% and yet now has the capacity to house 33% more team members.



Using the data provided by the Simplicity system will also help with the future planning of storage and how to utilise it more productively and efficiently. Providing the optimum amount of storage is an important factor of agile working, maximising every last inch of space and questioning the need for more storage and using the statistics generated from Simplicity will help the client to do just that.

Shenel continued:


The process has been about finding the right partnerships for our business to build on our ecosystem of innovative products for our clients.


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